"Olde European Quality with Appalachian Pride"



WE GOT THERE! SOLO HAUS started about 7 years ago.  As a family with kids and grandkids around, we are now 3 adults most of the time.  We started with training several Bull Breeds to work with PTSD and to identify the coming on of epilepsy.  We also had professionally trained Rotts and had several litters over the years.  As our Rotts were retired and some adopted by one of the regions top animal trainer, fate had it we got our first champion lined English bulldog girl Greta.  Wow what a life changer.  It is true once you have a bulldog your smitten!  We began to deeply research, taking advice from vets and vets in our family, getting knowledge from family Biomedical researchers, and learning as much as we could.  Obviously understanding the importance of dog training, having multi degreed experts in various fields, and years of exposure to farm, we had been around many breed and animals.  At the time we were in the Texas Hill Country with a heavy German influence so we decided to start SOLO HAUS.  Initially we had Greta and a couple professionally trained champion lined Rotts.  We decided to let our Rotts help an Autistic child and retired from breeding them.  We then added the most amazing Honey Boo Boo Werewolf.  When the look is right she looks just like the Lon Chaney werewolf.  For Real!!!!  In addition we ran across a Blue Ribbon Olde English Bulldogge right after her birth.  We immediately jumped on her, but she had sold.  What a surprise to hear a couple weeks later it fell through and we knew it was meant to be.  Odessa joined our family.  Our dogs are in our home and often take turns sleeping in the bed or should I say taking over the bed.  They get treats, love, play, just like any dog should, except we decided to use the new European model of what an English Bulldog should be and we do purposefully bred them to improve and share the breed.  With the recommendation of vets we decided to look for bulldogs that were less extreme, but keep the English Bulldog look, this includes or Olde English Bulldogge.  Bulldogs still can have some issues that come with the breed, but we do our best to minimize.  
THINGS TO CONSIDER: We do ask that clients understand that bulldogs DO SHED, which having short hair shocks people.  Secondly bulldogs can be sensitive to some foods, the environment, like some plants, and have skin allergies.  We can recommend some great treatments.  Our dog ophthalmologist and bulldog specialist also has told us up to 85% of bulldogs will experience some level of cherry eye during their lifetime.  Most of the time it can be massaged in, but the flatter the face the higher the chance.  In addition Bulldogs have short muzzles which mean that they don't have the capacity to cool or heat air as many dog breeds, which can cause breathing issues.  Owners need to keep this in mind when taking bulldogs outside.  These are not dogs that you should be jogging with or even takin on long walks.  We also do not encourage spaying or neutering before two years so bone platelets can finish growing.  There are many external factors that impact bone growth, such as over exercise as puppy, poor nutrition, and other environmental factors.  Bulldogs can easily become the alpha of the home, so we encourage training and it will turn your bulldog to the most loyal loving dog you have ever owned.  Their comical and whimsical ways will charm you and I'm sure you'll end up with more than one.  Finally, we recommend a gas mask. Bulldogs do pass gas and with a chuckle all us bulldog lovers say it is toxic lol.  Don't always believe your partner when they say it was the bulldog!